Magical Auto Layout
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To resolve the issues that we pointed out in the last video, we'll use the power of Auto Layout to position our views. First I'll show you how you can use anchors to place a red and blue container on the screen. Then we'll implement the required panning behavior to drag our views around. Enjoy.

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4 years ago
Hi Brian, I was wondering if there is major difference in using leadingAnchor versus leftAnchor? And trailingAnchor versus rightAnchor? I learned to use autolayout using left and right anchors but is there a better way to determine when to use leadingAnchor and trailingAnchor versus leftAnchor and rightAnchor? Thanks Brian! Jeff
Brian Voong
4 years ago
4 years ago
Hey Brian, Great implementation of this new slide menu... way better! I was wondering if there's any way to swipe to delete the rows in the HomeController(), or if you do a lesson in the future regarding this implementation. I tried it out but it seems to have a lot of gesture conflicts. Keep up the amazing work.
4 years ago
Really like Brian's step-by-step refactor teaching method. That makes it really easy to follow.
4 years ago
Here, if you go to the View Hierarchy blue it's going to be Root... Sliding as well the Red. In the lesson #10, at the end the project that we can download will be like blue its menu and red its home. I am using the same code basically and it doesn't say for me the menu and the home. both are Root... sliding.
3 years ago
Once again, the king of clean code