Reactive Environment Object Application State
Calculator SwiftUI
To make our application more dynamic, we'll centralize all the behavior of our calculator into a single EnvironmentObject. This will act as the state management system for the actions a user performs from within the calculator.

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3 years ago
Gracias! por compartir tu trabajo, si descubro algo te lo comento(Thanks!)
3 years ago
My man Brian pulling through with the cleanest code in the game. Thanks again man!
3 years ago
Where and how to do computation?
3 years ago
calculator dont even work
Aryan Vaid
3 years ago
Heeba Khan
3 years ago
You are amazing . I didn't have much swift or swift ui knowledge but I was able to understand whatever you taught very easily. Thank you
Achmada Fiqri Amin Rasyad
2 years ago