Sample question

  1. Write a JSON parser that can consume the Appstore Search API and render a list of searchable objects.
    • Each result must be rendered similar to the AppStore rows with pixel perfect precision.
    • Tapping on a row will take you to the details screen for each app.
    • Tapping on a screenshot will present a fullscreen modal
    • There needs to be a delay on search when user is typing

Bonus 1: Fetch reviews for each app

Bonus 2: Implement horizontal snapping on screenshots and reviews

Bonus 3: Show differences between completion handlers and async/await. How do you use Continuations?

Bonus 4: Can you implement Image caching to reduce cost of loading images?

Available APIs


App Details:\(trackId)


Course Topics

  • Rendering SwiftUI views with NavigationStack, ScrollView, Searchable, GeometryReader, AsyncImage, etc.
  • Fetching JSON with Async/Await
  • Decoding JSON with Codable Protocol
  • ScrollView snapping with scrollTargetLayout and scrollTargetBehavior
  • iOS 17 #Observable macro
  • Transform old completion handlers into async await code with Continuations
  • Image caching using NSCache and AsyncImage

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