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UITableViewController Not Always Best
AppStore JSON APIs
In this lesson, I wanted to go over a very simple yet confusing issue that arises when you try to use a UITableViewController and add custom subviews inside of it. If you're trying to add the simple close button that we have in the top right corner into our AppFullscreenController you'll quickly notice that it doesn't appear correctly. Instead, what you should do is use a UIViewController as your super class and manually add in your subviews that you want. I'll quickly show you the modifications that we'll perform to have everything in working order. Enjoy.

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5 years ago
Cool, thanks!!
5 years ago
When is next course? Money is ready :)
Brian Voong
5 years ago
5 years ago
Really looking forward to the next course Brian.
Te-Jen Wu
5 years ago
Hi Brian, Thanks for the fantastic learning experience from this course.
5 years ago
Hi Brian, is it possible to add a lesson on the sticky header the App Store has on some of the detail controllers? It has a nav bar, app icon and back button that comes into focus as you slowly scroll upwards. Thanks
4 years ago
Always worth the money ! Ready for the next one!