Firestore Matches Fetch
Tinder Firestore Swipe and Match
With our UI complete, it's time to figure out how to store and fetch Matches information from Firestore database. There are various data structures that you can set up, but I'll go with the easiest and most straightforward technique in this video. Before actually writing the persistence code, I always prefer to test out dummy data before finalizing my solution. Hence, this lesson will go through mock dummy data into Firestore and seeing if we can fetch it correctly.

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Elaine Song
4 years ago
Hi Brian, how can I make these header images as a button so that it connects to another page?
Brian Voong
4 years ago
4 years ago
Brian was on fire in this lesson
Miguel Ayala
3 years ago
Hi Brian I've been looking for this lessons for long time, it's this coding working with they updstes that Apple has made on Xcode? Since a year ago. I'm looking to purchase this lessons.