Updating User Profile with Vue v-model
Fullstack Social iOS NodeJS REST
Another important feature that we'll need to implement in our application is the ability to update a user's profile with some information such as their bio or avatar profile image. In this section, we'll start off by creating a new profile page that allows us to display and enter information inside of a form. To monitor the changes inside of our form, I'll show you how to bind to properties through the v-model syntax.

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Bobur Pakhriev
3 years ago
Hi Brian, when i type this code "user: window.SAILS_LOCALS.user " its giving me error on console of the profile page like, "profile:70 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'user' of undefined at profile:70 (anonymous) @ profile:70 " should i declare somewhere else "user" since it seems like this