Create and Display Comments
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With our HTML form now created, we're going to enable our server so that it can consume comments for different posts in the system. First we'll expose a route that takes in a post slug id. Next we can read the text information from our request body and create a brand new comment object that will be associated to the current post. Finally we need to display all comments in a vertical list that belong to the post details page. Doing so using a v-for loop in Vue will be super simple.

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Udin Rajkarnikar
3 years ago
<form :action ="'/post/comment/'+" method= "POST"> Routes.js --> 'POST /post/comment/:id': 'user/commentCreate', Hello Brian, my Routes are not working properly. It shows 404 when I click the comment button. Any insights on what's going on here? Thanks!
Udin Rajkarnikar
3 years ago
Never Mind! Found the error.
2 years ago
Hi Brian, great stuff there! One thing made me wonder! Coming from Swift, I was really surprised, that we could assign a new property to Post: – comments. Post model does not have that attribute. So is this basically possible in JavaScript to simply apply new properties to data in a method without the model struct having it out of the box? If so, this is a very weird weird language. Or maybe Post is not even a struct or class, only an object of some sort which is extensible on the go?