Render Route Header
Maps UIKit SwiftUI
Now that we're showing the route steps in a separate RoutesController, we're ready to also render out the route information in a header. This is done quite easily using LBTAListHeaderController. You can also do this using raw UICollectionView code but its quite tedious to type out. Let's see how this is done now.

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Christopher J. Roura
2 years ago
Hi Brian, I found a bug in the code. When searching in the MainController i got an error. My only available solution was to uncomment the dummy placemark code in the location carousel. With that code commented out I get an error (in your project download and mine): Failed local search: Error Domain=MKErrorDomain Code=4 "(null)" UserInfo={MKErrorGEOError=-8}. Another issue that I found is that when i clear the code from the search text field the carousel doesnt empty itself like i expected. It seems there may be an issue with the notificationcenter listener for the textfield delegate. I am tempted to just go back to the old school method but is there anything you would recommend for me to try instead? Thanks as always and I love this course and can't wait for new ones.