Support for dark mode using ColorScheme and Color Sets

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2 years ago
Hey Brain. which way is the optimal option when it comes ViewModifiers ? as extension for View ? or as .modifier(something()) I have a modifier and I am confused in implementing it as .modifier() , or as View extension . Yet , visually they work the same thing, but technically under the hood , not sure .
Brian Voong
2 years ago
2 years ago
the audio was recorded so that I can only hear on one side of my headphones, the other videos did not have this issue.
2 years ago
same issue here, I only hear him talking to me in my left ear
2 years ago
Hey Brian, seems like there is an audio issue with this video. Not a big deal since I managed to follow along despite it but it would be good if it could be fixed :)
Andres F Lozano
2 years ago
Thanks crack! I have always learned new things with you.