Restaurant Details View
SwiftUI Mastery Travel Discovery
Ready to move onto a new section of the course we are. In this lesson, let's go ahead and render out the details for Restaurants in our application. Nothing too special about this view, always good to have more practice with layouts in SwiftUI.

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Portocarrero Lopez Pedro
2 years ago
this video made understand better zstack,vstack,paddings,etc. :)
2 years ago
Command + click on a Text or Image is another easy way to wrap in a Stack (H, V, or Z). I prefer this way as it brackets the entire object without having to cut and paste and losing track of where I am in the view.
Igor Tkach
2 years ago
Interesting point for gradient property .luminanceToAlpa() The dark regions in a view become transparent, and the bright regions become opaque black. LinearGradient(gradient: Gradient(colors: [Color.clear, Color.white]), startPoint: .center , endPoint: .bottom) .luminanceToAlpha()