GeometryReader 3 Column Image Grid
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With a basic understanding of the LazyVGrid component from last lesson, we're now ready to kick things up a notch and render out a 3 column grid. The secret to doing this is to utilize the GeometryReader component that allows us to figure out how wide the screen is. Photo urls:

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2 years ago
Hey Brian, could we also use LazyVGrid to lay out some of the previous VStack subviews e.g. Restaurant Reviews - is it better for performance / similar to UICollectionView reusable cells concept?
Igor Tkach
2 years ago
I manage not to use GeometryReader but instead .fixedSized use GridItem(.flexible(minimum: 100, maximum: .infinity) and it's worked properly from iPhone SE to iPad Pro
Christopher J. Roura
2 years ago
Hi Brian, I found a weird bug and was wondering if you could point me in any direction on how to debug this issue. In the app, on the iPad Pro's (12.9 inch) landscape orientation the Popular Dishes horizontal scrollview can somehow now scroll vertically too. It is isolated to just this iPad model and specifically just the 12.9 inch in landscape but I would be curious to know why this bug occurs.