Install Google Places SDK
Maps UIKit SwiftUI
In this section of the course, we'll be working on a completely new feature of integrating Google Places inside of our application. This is extremely easy to do once we have our SDK installed. Let's begin by looking through some of the Google Places documentation and install Cocoapods!

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3 years ago
I have this weird bug where when I run my project on a device, the map seems to reload every second or so at different spans. Has anyone else experienced this behavior? I went through my code line by line but I can't seem to locate the reason why the map keeps reloading.
3 years ago
17:34 you said there is a potential for a retain cycle. How do you know? and so quickly too. Would be great if you can share any resources on it. Thanks Brian!
2 years ago
It's a skill that you acquire overtime with hours upon hours of coding. The more you do, the more you develop a sense of detecting bugs even before the IDE tells you.