Custom Annotations and Callout Views
Maps UIKit SwiftUI
For each of our places found through the Google Places api calls, we can render a custom annotation based on the type of location it is. This is done by checking the types property and modifying our annotation views accordingly. Lastly, we'll go over how to draw a custom call out view using anchors at the very end.

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3 years ago
Dear Brain, Thanks your great course, one question not related with coding After check Places API policies "You can display Places API results on a Google Map, or without a map. If you want to display Places API results on a map, then these results must be displayed on a Google Map. It is prohibited to use Places API data on a map that is not a Google map." Do you help any suggestion for this policy? Is it possible use MKMapView to implement places chooser? or long press map and show pin annotation? Thanks a lot
3 years ago
I checked it out after you mentioned it, wonder if it's strictly enforced?