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Integrate Swiping with UIPageViewController and UIHostingController
SwiftUI Mastery Travel Discovery
With out container created, we'll now move onto introducing Swiping with UIPageViewController. To show some screens very easily in our views, we'll host them using UIHostingController.

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3 years ago
I really love SwiftUI, also loved UIKit - even with all that boilerplate code - but the mix of the 2 worlds and the understanding of what runs properly on every iOS version is what haunts me. Do you have any lesson on the youtube channel that describes your strategy to discontinuing support for older iOS versions? In android i love that it informs us the estimate of devices that we will be targeting when choosing which os version we will support. It is really funny, because i still use iPhone 6, so i really understand what it is to be left aside if an app decides not to support old iOS versions.
Harry Ng
3 years ago
I came across a native equivalent of UIPageViewController in SwiftUI TabView { Text("first") Text("second") Text("third") } .tabViewStyle(PageTabViewStyle(indexDisplayMode: .always)) .indexViewStyle(PageIndexViewStyle(backgroundDisplayMode: .always)) .frame(height: 250)