Fetch Destination Details from API
SwiftUI Mastery Travel Discovery
To wrap up this section, I wanted to show you guys again how to fetch JSON data from the network. Doing this is a very common task in building a modern application. Once again, we'll be utilizing an ObservableObject to make our network calls. Destination Details API: https://travel.letsbuildthatapp.com/travel_discovery/destination?name=paris

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2 years ago
I had started to write this all out myself and ran into that same issue with unwrapping for the photos collection. can you explain why that is happening?
2 years ago
shouldnt all the networking code be in seperate files? i know in other courses you have advocated this and created a Networking group and built up from there, also used generics ect for building network requests. Seems different in this course just wondering why the different approach?