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When building an application that supports data entry, you'll almost always need to include a modal form of some kind. In this lesson, we'll look at presenting a modal using the fullScreenCover modifier. In addition to this, I will also show various ways of dismissing these types of modals with @Binding vs Environment(.presentationMode).

Main View
struct MainView: View {    // 1    @State private var shouldPresentAddCardForm = false        var body: some View {        NavigationView {            ScrollView {                                // ....                                // 2                Spacer()                    .fullScreenCover(isPresented: $shouldPresentAddCardForm, onDismiss: nil) {                        AddCardForm()                    }            }            // ...        }    }
  1. Declare a @State variable that controls whether or not our fullScreenCover is presented.
  2. Attach a .fullScreenCover modifier to an empty Spacer() component.

struct AddCardForm: View {    // 1    @Environment(\.presentationMode) var presentationMode        @State private var name = ""        var body: some View {        NavigationView {            Form {                Text("Add card form")                TextField("Name", text: $name)            }            .navigationTitle("Add Credit Card")            .navigationBarItems(leading: Button(action: {                // 2                presentationMode.wrappedValue.dismiss()            }, label: {                Text("Cancel")            }))        }    }}
  1. The SwiftUI framework engine will automatically inject this view with the proper Environment variables whenever appropriate. Because we're presenting this view as a fullScreenCover, presentationMode can be used to dismiss itself later.
  2. Call dismiss() on presentationMode's wrappedValue. As mentioned in the video, using this logic is better than declaring a @Binding dependency on this view. Views in SwiftUI should be kept as "dumb" as possible.

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