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In this lesson, let's take a look at adding various pickers to our AddCardForm component. Two pickers that we'll use are called Picker and ColorPicker. To use these components, we'll have to establish some state variables to maintain their selections.


Modify your code as seen below to include the proper @State variables along with the section of Picker components.

struct AddCardForm: View {        @Environment(\.presentationMode) var presentationMode        // 1    @State private var name = ""    @State private var cardNumber = ""    @State private var limit = ""        @State private var cardType = "Visa"        @State private var month = 1    @State private var year = Calendar.current.component(.year, from: Date())        @State private var color = Color.blue        let currentYear = Calendar.current.component(.year, from: Date())        var body: some View {        NavigationView {            Form {                Section(header: Text("Card Info")) {                    TextField("Name", text: $name)                    TextField("Credit Card Number", text: $cardNumber)                        .keyboardType(.numberPad)                    TextField("Credit Limit", text: $limit)                        .keyboardType(.numberPad)                                        Picker("Type", selection: $cardType) {                        ForEach(["Visa", "Mastercard", "Discover", "Citibank"], id: \.self) { cardType in                            Text(String(cardType)).tag(String(cardType))                        }                    }                }                                Section(header: Text("Expiration")) {                    Picker("Month", selection: $month) {                        ForEach(1..<13, id: \.self) { num in                            Text(String(num)).tag(String(num))                        }                    }                                        Picker("Year", selection: $year) {                        ForEach(currentYear..<currentYear + 20, id: \.self) { num in                            Text(String(num)).tag(String(num))                        }                    }                }                                Section(header: Text("Color")) {                    ColorPicker("Color", selection: $color)                }                            }            .navigationTitle("Add Credit Card")            .navigationBarItems(leading: Button(action: {                presentationMode.wrappedValue.dismiss()            }, label: {                Text("Cancel")            }))        }    }}

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